The 40 good reasons to be single: all the benefits of celibacy

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All singles sometimes want a couple of friends “they look good together …”, but remember, being single is also a lot of benefits … Here are 100 a little clichés:

1.You sleep better, it is scientifically proven, share a bed night to a restful sleep.

2.You do not have to hide every monthHer birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, first birthday …

3.You can eat canned food from the box (or the pan)

4.Nobody checks if you wear the same underpants two days in a row

5.No need to lift the toilet seat or close the door

6.You can decide to go on weekends, like that on a whim.

7.You do not have to systematically erase the history of your browserThis is pretty painful to eliminate all traces of porn on your PC at work.

8.You choose the evening movie

9.You can skipper some showers from time to time

10.You can cook a rotten thing without worrying about the result

11. We always have time to devote ourselves (ok it’s not that we do more things)

12. You can eat Chipster in the bed, or waffles it’s according to the tastes

13. We do not have to feel good and be well dressed all the time, besides we do not hesitate to hang out in pajamas all Sunday without showering.

14. One can look at “More beautiful life” without anyone making fun of our popular tastes,

15. You can chat openly with your cat or dog, and sleep with it.

16. We do not ask ourselves questions about any lie that our man could do to us.

17. One can in case of shortage of beautiful panties put on a Sloggy.

18. You can lick his knife and put it back in the Nutella pot.

19. We can sleep starfish in our bed.

20. We do not have to clean the dirty beard hair (or other) stuck in the sink.

21. You can get fat if you want.

22. You can invite without planning all your girlfriends for a slumber party or drink a good bottle of wine.

23. You can sing loudly in front of the ice cream with a hair dryer as a microphone, and take yourself for a star.

24. We do not have to wax (well there is a minimum anyway …)

25. We can snore, drool on the pillow and sleep with our mouths open, and fart freely without any reproach or risk of shame (yes gentlemen a fart-girl too)

26. We are invited everywhere, because all alone, it costs less than two, and because a single girl is a potential partner for friends.

27. We could sleep (if we wanted) just to have a promotion or other favor, and have no remorse.

28. We can sleep with his Kiki, who was torn out when we were 6 years old.

29. When we take a bath, we do not care to empty the balloon of hot water and put water everywhere because anyway nobody goes behind.

30 . We do not have to fold down the toilet seat constantly.

31. We do not have to wait every night in front of the phone he calls.

32. One can flirt without guilt any physically intelligent man.

33. We can wait 14:30 in the morning to brush our teeth without fear of inconveniencing someone with their breath

34. We can talk alone.

35. We can be satisfied with cakes appetizers and a hot chocolate with “Princes” as a meal.

36. We can take a long bath, until we have skin all frippée,

37. We do not have to be accountable.

38. You can shampoo the eggs, and with the rest make an omelette gruyere.

39. We can look at z’amours, and conclude that decidably celibacy is not so bad.

40. You can order 7 pizzas in the same evening, just to have the pleasure of making the sweet eyes to the new delivery boy …

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