The 7 symptoms of a heart attack that women do not know

symptoms of a heart attack ? Infarction or heart attack is one of the leading causes of death in women. Those who are overweight or under particularly stressful conditions are the most likely to experience a heart attack. Here are 7 signs / symptoms that most women do not know.

symptoms of a heart attack

Heart attack: what is it?

Infarction occurs when the coronary arteries become blocked. Consequence: body tissues die because of the absence of blood flow. The affected person will then experience a very intense pain / pressure in the chest.

Infarction: a disease more difficult to detect in women
The heart attack is often misdiagnosed in women because their symptoms differ from men and because they do not react like them. However, they are as vulnerable as men to the risk of cardiovascular disease … Indeed, half of the deaths in women are caused by a heart attack. Many studies have highlighted the fact that women tended to have early signs of heart distress a month before it occurred. The problem: these signs are often neglected or even trivialized, which can have very serious consequences.

Here are the 7 signs and symptoms of heart attack that women need to know!

symptoms of a heart attack – Sign n ° 1: a feeling of tiredness

A sudden exhaustion, a feeling of great fatigue are signs that can announce a heart attack … But most tend to ignore this symptom, caused by a narrowing of the arteries that prevents the blood from circulating well.

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