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Swimming during pregnancy is one of the most recommended practices, especially because of the water’s ability to dampen the entire weight of the body. It is precisely this property that allows pregnant women to easily perform movements that would be more difficult out of the water. This same pressure prevents abrupt movements, which greatly reduces the risk of injury.

Water helps not only to feel lighter – even the weight of the belly – but also to relax, which helps to release the tension that all pregnant women feel in their backs. At the same time, a gentle swimming session improves the muscle tone of the legs, pelvis and glutes, which are vital during labor.

Swimming while pregnant stimulates the circulatory system, favored by the horizontal position you have when you swim. It is an exercise that prevents varicose veins, swelling and leg cramps while increasing the strength of your lungs without causing physical fatigue.

Before you start your swimming sessions during pregnancy, consult a doctor


Although swimming is certainly one of the most recommended exercises for pregnant women, it is advisable to consult a doctor before registering for the sessions. This will assess your physical condition, your family history and the conditions of your pregnancy. All this will help you determine the nature of this physical activity that you will perform in the water.

Swimming is normal for me. I feel relaxed. I am comfortable and I know what surrounds me. It’s my house. – Michael Phelps

Your gynecologist should evaluate certain aspects before starting to swim. Indeed, this exercise – though noble and complete – is contraindicated for women who are at high risk of pregnancy and for those at risk of premature birth. Neither is it a beneficial activity when the woman has placenta previa or delayed uterine growth, vascular problems or cervical dilatation.

In addition, according to specialists from the Spanish Heart Foundation, pregnancy is by no means the ideal time to learn to swim or to resume physical activity after long periods of sedentary life. Hence the importance of having a physical assessment before starting swimming lessons. It is also important not to get tired during the exercise, but rather to try to execute the body movements in a gentle and relaxed way.

Swimming while pregnant relaxes you


If your trusted doctor recommends you exercise during pregnancy, you will find that swimming in a pool brings many benefits during this time.

For example, one of the benefits of swimming is that it helps you to relax the whole body, especially areas overloaded by the weight of the baby because it allows to distribute the weight and also release the joints.

Swimming also improves the cardiovascular system and provides a better tone to all muscles, as well as decreases circulatory edema. Swimming also helps you improve your body’s flexibility and gain more physical strength without much effort.

Another benefit of swimming during pregnancy is that this physical activity helps you improve your emotional state as it reduces stress and nervous tension. Being in the water also allows you to know your body and better understand the changes that occur. In addition, this exercise, which can be done in one-hour sessions, encourages social relations and helps to prepare you for the long-awaited moment of delivery.

As you will notice, the benefits of swimming are so great that even doctors can not agree on how long to swim during pregnancy.

Some experts say that swimming is good until delivery, because water helps to improve symptoms that increase during the last months of pregnancy, such as cramps, swollen feet due to poor blood circulation. , back pain due to belly weight, among others.

However, there are doctors who advise to give up swimming lessons during the eighth month of pregnancy. It is at this point that there is a greater risk of losing the mucus plug during exercise, without realizing it. It is always better to seek the advice of a doctor and follow his instructions.

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