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Have you ever wondered which sports machines are most useful to you? It is certain that the training centers have various devices for strengthening the body. But not all are as effective at burning calories and losing weight.

It should be noted that sports machines do not do all the work. It is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes an appropriate diet to achieve the desired results.

Losing weight with sports machines

Gym machines are effective if they are used properly. Although the most common are ribbon and stationary bike, there are others that can help us achieve our goal.

Some are more useful than others. It all depends on the goal we have set ourselves. We must also keep in mind that the greater our physical effort, the more fat we will burn.

Do not pay attention to the panel of the machine where the calories are indicated. This is just an estimate. The important thing is to focus on the quality of the exercise. The devices only help us work harder on the body and develop resistance.

It is always advisable to start with a low or medium intensity routine and then to increase the effort (more speed, weight, inclination, etc.).

Gym machines for burning fat

1. Static or fixed bike

Static or fixed bike

The most popular and beneficial bodybuilding device is, without a doubt, the exercise bike. It is estimated that it can burn between 500 and 900 calories per hour.

This machine has a very slight impact on the joints and does not require any technique. It does not require any prior training either. You just have to sit down and pedal. The saddle should be adjusted so that the knees extend to 90%.

The downside about the static bike is that it can be a bit of a monotonous exercise where you get bored easily. You can take this opportunity to listen to music or watch an episode of your favorite series while pedaling.

In addition, during sessions, you can adjust the loads, get up from the saddle, put the torso forward. If you are bored, you can choose to attend spinning classes.

2. Treadmill


This machine allows us to burn between 450 and 650 calories per hour. Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular sports machines. To use it, you must program the time at which you want to use it.

On a treadmill, we can not only walk, jog, run, but also stimulate the real movements of a race (highs and lows, sprints, etc.). This is because they have programs that change gear and tilt.

It has a great impact on the joints (mainly the knees) so it should be used sparingly.

3. Step or escalator

The escalator is another ideal sport machine for burning calories. By using it, you will burn about 400 calories in an hour.

It has programs such as ribbon and allows us to perform cardio exercises to lose weight. The escalator consists of two platforms simulating the ascent of a ladder.

We can adjust the intensity and difficulty. In a few minutes, the knees are tired because they work the most.

4. Elliptical cross trainer

With this machine you can burn between 300 and 600 calories in one hour. It is a combination of several machines: the bike, the climber and the ribbon.

The elliptical movement (hence the name of the device) is not recommended for people with knee problems because the impact is important.

In addition, some experience is needed to control movements (arms and legs at the same time). It is advisable to keep the abdomen contracted to strengthen it and back straight to avoid pain.

5. Hydraulic rowing

Hydraulic rowing

The number of calories burned with this machine is between 300 and 700 because it allows to work both on the upper field and on the lower train and strengthen the abdominals.

This machine stimulates the rowing movement of a canoe or kayak. With the first we pull the bars towards us and with the second we push backward. The adhesion must be strong.

It is essential to pay attention to the knees and shoulders. You should also work with your right back.

Some hydraulic rowers contain programs or games (because otherwise it is boring) and if you work with moderate to high intensity, you can also burn more calories than with the band.

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