The most sensitive erogenous zones in men

You will not be surprised to learn that … the most sensitive erogenous zones of men are around his penis. But do you really know which areas give him the most sensation when you linger? We will see in this article.

The most sensitive erogenous zones in humans: The complete list!

Where the focus of your man’s pleasure is mainly the glans. To make a comparison, it’s a bit like the female clitoris. So you imagine the sensations of pleasure that it can cause your man if you know how to stimulate him. There are many nerve endings that are there but especially, a very fine skin that is truly sensitive. So you have to caress it wet so that it does not become painful.

Another erogenous zone is directly related to the glans, it is the penis of your man. Feel free to stimulate both, one after the other or at the same time. Although possessing less nerve endings the penis remains very sensitive and above all, sensations will spread to the penis, and vice versa. So this is an area where you can play to give pleasure to your man.

Between the two is the brake, which can be considered as the first erogenous zone of the man provided not to dwell on it and to know how to stimulate it. The brake is the net of skin between the glans and the penis. The skin therein has the same characteristics as those of the glans. Your caresses must therefore again be wet. And above all, do not stimulate this area too long or too abruptly not to risk making your caresses unpleasant or painful. Remember that this area is well surrounded, so you can leave it for a while without reducing the pleasure of your man before returning as if by surprise.

And of course, in this area that is the sex of your man are the testicles. They too have very sensitive and delicate skin. In addition, you should not forget that the testicles are a very sensitive area that treated abruptly can become painful. Your caresses should be soft and light. From the fingertips, to the tip of the tongue or by gentle kissing, this area must be treated with delicacy to provide maximum pleasure to your man.

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