The shape of your lips and what it reveals about you

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The shape of your lips can say a lot about you, especially if your lower lip is less luscious than the upper one, or vice versa. Discover what the shape of your lips reveals about your personality.

Many people think that there is a relationship between the shape of the face, the lips, the body and the character of the person. There are even experts in the interpretation of facial features. When it comes to lips, their shape can reveal a lot about your personality, even small things you’ve never paid attention to.

What the shape of your lips reveals about your personality

1. If your upper lip is more luscious

To know which of your lips is the most luscious, stand in front of a mirror and try to notice which of your lips is the most impressive. You can also seek the advice of a loved one. If it is the upper lip, it indicates that you are an honest and clear person.

You hate hypocrisy. You are sincere, you do not like to lie to the people you care about and you expect the same from them. However, this quality is a problem because it will make you look a little naive, because you will tend to believe everything that you will be told. Some people around you will think you are stupid while others will respect you for your honesty.

For those around you, you are a free person who appreciates life and enjoys each day as if it were the last. You rarely complain, you admit your mistakes and take them as lessons, you are a fan of adventures and experiences to improve yourself and become a better person. With these qualities, you attract positive people, but also some jealous …

2. If your lower lip is more luscious

If your lower lip is luscious, you are a calm and very observant person. You like to study the reactions of others, and you can easily determine each person’s personality. All you need is a little time to study them and see their reactions. You have a very good memory, you are a perspicacious and convincing person. You are also a very good speaker, people like to listen to you.

However, you are often alone because you prefer to surround yourself with books and ideas. Try to be more positive, do not think too much and make friends. Forget your worries and enjoy the little things of life, in the present moment.

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