The type of man you need according to your astrological sign!

type of man you need ? Your astrological sign determines your moods, your faults, your biggest fears as well as the trades that might suit you best … but also the type of man that you need! Depending on the personality you have and which is defined by your astrological sign, you have a specific masculine ideal that should suit your character. Here is the type of man that you need according to your astrological sign!

type of man you need

type of man you need : ARIES / TAURUS/ GEMINI


Since the Aries woman is in the constant quest for her independence, she is looking for a man as free as she is. She could not under any circumstances endure a sticky man or too possessive. His guy should be smart and ambitious to capture the interest of the Aries woman and keep her at his side. He must maintain the curiosity of his darling through interesting and profound discussions.


The Taurus woman is of a very intense natural and her virulence sometimes needs to be moderate. So the Taurus woman would be in perfect harmony with a calm and calm man who knows how to balance his excesses. Moreover, his man must show his ability to love the woman Taurus as it is and prove it to him daily. So a Taurus woman needs someone who brings her the stability necessary for her character.


The Gemini woman has many difficulties in expressing her desires, it is to tell you how much her darling must have a sense of observation and a very increased listening. Besides, the woman Gemini needs a lot of attention, that’s why her man must focus on her exclusively. Not being a good communicator, the Gemini woman is waiting for her boyfriend to understand what she wants from him without even telling him.

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