The way you drive reveals a lot about your personality … more than you think!

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After a few years of driving, we forget the advice of the driving instructor.

We settle in and we take the wheel in a totally instinctive way. And even if we do not know, this way of driving says a lot about us.

Tom Vanderbilt, author of the book Traffic: Why We Drive The Way We Do and What It Says About Us (Traffic: why do we drive as we do and what does it reveal about us?) Writes as well as “in taking into account that many of us spend more time driving than eating with family, it’s worth a look at this experience. ”

Based on this observation, Tom Vanderbilt created small diagrams representing the different types of driving. This could allow you to know a little better …

1. The perfectionist

You are a perfectionist (or you just had your license).

At the driving school, you were told to keep your hands “at 10:10 am” on the steering wheel, when it rains, it hails or sells, you will continue driving in an exemplary manner . And if your behavior is exemplary, it is also figurative: you like to do things right, you have a great attention to detail and you are very orderly. The job well done brings you great satisfaction, and this trend naturally pushes you towards a certain professional success.

But be careful not to want to do too much. Sometimes you are very demanding, even a little hard on yourself and others. People who love you know that this is a mark of love, but some might be mistaken …

2. The “cool”

You are a guy (or a girl) “cool”.

Relaxation, it knows you. You do not take yourself too seriously, and you approach most situations with a certain detachment. You are “relaxed”, sometimes too much will say some. You live your whole life like endless holidays and if some people criticize you for that, they also secretly envy you! And for good reason: you know how to have fun, and most people appreciate you.

Even when times are hard for you, you give yourself an air of confidence, phlegm and indifference. But by pretending that you never have any problem, you risk missing the support of your loved ones. Being cool is great, but feel free to talk to others if you need help!

3. The minimalist

You are of the “minimalist” type.

You aspire to lead a simple life, without any headaches. You surround yourself with the minimum, no frills or superfluous things, but you enjoy having your friends around you. Superficial things are of little interest to you: instead of making new friends every month, you prefer to build strong, quality bonds with your dearest friends.

Your simplicity does not make you a boring person, on the contrary! Your loved ones admire your ability to need only the minimum to live a fulfilling and happy life. Your sense of discretion can be confused with a certain shyness: do not hesitate to raise your voice to defend the values ​​that are dear to you!

4. The adventurer

You are an adventurer, a risk taker to the end!

You have boiling blood and do not be cold. You want to enjoy all situations thoroughly and in general, you love the thrills. You like challenges, and when it comes to love, you do not hesitate for a second to put all the chances on your side, even if it misses.

Your entourage admires you for your ability to live life at one hour, but you should avoid doing the same on the road …

5. The boss

Who is the Boss ? It’s you !

You are a born leader. It is an innate thing for you: you have a gift to take charge of situations in a clear and decisive way, and to assume the responsibilities. The others are generally looking to you for your help and valuable advice. You are trusted, perhaps because you express yourself a certain confidence in yourself!

In love, you may find it difficult to find a person who matches you and who complements you, because you have a small authoritarian side that some people may have trouble accepting … But it’s worth the wait!

6. The empathic

You have a great capacity for empathy (and do not forget to pay attention to turns, this position is not very practical on winding roads …).

You know how to put yourself in other people’s shoes and understand them beyond words. It’s a rare gift, invaluable and a great chance for all your loved ones! People love you, because you are simply a being of great kindness and sensitivity. You are happy when others are successful in their life, without a second thought. For those who suffer or need support, you are the listening ear, the shoulder on which they can lean.

You do not like being on the front of the stage, and you prefer others to take the lead. Be careful, your big heart might play tricks on you, because not everyone is as good and honest as you are! Beware of the profiteers and those who seek to abuse your kindness …

7. The peace maker

You are a peacemaker, a pacifist par excellence.

If your group of friends and family were Europe, you would probably be Switzerland! You are a mediator at heart, you hate being caught in arguments, because conflicts make you nervous and uncomfortable. That’s why you use your energy to defuse the bombs, whether you realize it or not.

If you had to raise your voice to annoy you, your entourage would be enormously surprised, and that would mean that things are becoming very serious!

8. The little fun

Without hands! You are a true clown at heart (and incidentally, you should withdraw your driver’s license …)

Your brain works in a “different” way than those normally formed. At least, with you, we are not bored! You are looking for the funny side in all situations, and you make a point of living your life totally crazy and dissident.

You are a quirky, quirky creative, and people appreciate your company because you are completely unpredictable. A bit like the direction that could take your car, by the way. In this regard, a tip: consider investing in a public transport map, if you want to live old.

9. The anxiety of life

You are super nervous, and this can be felt in your driving style!

You are in constant battle against stress and anxiety. When you do something, you are the type to check two or three times, just to be sure. However, if you are so, it is because you hide in you a very great sensitivity, as well as a big heart like that! People who are close to you know it, and love you deeply, whatever you think.

10. The brawler

You, You are a combative (or so, you live in Paris).

What you like most is to go forward, go forward! And for that, the others do not have interest to get in your way. Slow, inefficient or unproductive people annoy you!

You are a busy person, you get a hundred per hour and you have a certain ambition. When an obstacle blocks the road, you prefer to crush it and crush it instead of breaking your head around it …

Your entourage admires your unwavering determination, and people know they can count on you to get to the bottom of things. Be careful not to be “too aggressive”, you would also win to de-stress yourself a bit … Despite everything, you must admit that you are a man / a woman of action, who sets goals to achieve, which can bring you very far in life!

Have your results been as bluffing as mine? Feel free to share this little test with your friends and family!

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