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We all want to find someone with whom our demons would get along with his family, someone who would have the key to all our locks, with whom we would feel so safe that we would open all our doors without fear, with who our true “we” would come out of and with whom we could be ourselves …

It’s even better than love, because everyone discovers a part of the other, without the need to weigh his words and with the need to live a life under the sign of permanence.

We feel complicity with people to whom we cling to not let the present escape us, while thinking of all that awaits us thereafter.

I’m talking about those people who are always there for us and to whom we can always turn, those who comfort us by hugging us and giving us reasons and strength to face each day and live our lives. life.

These people make us breathe and smile stupidly as we remember how we got here.


The body language of complicity

There are looks that want to say everything. What we call complicity is this special union that surpasses love, which invades us and that we understand. To love is not only to love, but above all to understand everything.

“If the look says yes, and the mouth says no, only listen to the look.”
Pierre-Jules Stahl

For there to be complicity, there must be no secret in the looks, in the gestures and in the embraces. It is these people who know that even if we tell them that everything is fine, that is not the case.

Indeed, they probably do not even need to watch us or listen to us talk. They are not soothsayers, but they understand us beyond mirages and appearances.

The air we breathe is enough to know that the connection is pure fantasy, and that it goes well beyond a sincere smile and a wise look.

Between two accomplices is created an atmosphere that is transformed into a kind of emotional prophecy that connects feelings and hearts.

A home in which souls fly

“People think that a soulmate is their perfect match, and everyone runs after him. In fact, the soul mate, the true one, is a mirror, it is the person who shows you everything that impedes you, that leads you to contemplate yourself so that you can change things in your life .

A true soul mate is probably the most important person you will ever meet, because she is breaking down your walls and waking you up with a slap. ”

– Eat, pray, love (Elizabeth Gilbert) –

A soulmate is someone who makes you laugh and smile without having to say anything. He is a person who has never abandoned you, who does not boast of what you are doing in life and who you are.

She also has no modesty to tell you what she thinks or to let you know if you’re wrong.

This does not mean that there are no misunderstandings or arguments, because even an accomplice conflict can demolish our walls of support.

It only happens when that person questions you and is not present in your life silently. This is a person who marks a front and floods every moment of tenderness.

Complicity makes it possible to accept without demands, without over-attachments, without the need to change our essence or to meet infantile or extreme needs.

Complicity is built of vibrations that complement each other perfectly, in the same way that a shared secret winks at the unconditionality of the soul.

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