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Often, we hear that it is nature that has endowed the body of the woman with cellulite. So our body would tend to stock up in our thighs and buttocks … naturally?

Is ! That this fatalism does not prevent us from fighting and declaring war on those adipocytes who are not always our friends! So to lose weight thighs and find legs barrel, here are 19 special tips “slimming thighs”.

The program “slimming thighs” starts on the diet side

1. Limit fat, and select your fat sources

We keep repeating, but the only way to lose weight, and in this case lose weight, is to monitor your diet, and limit the bad intake of fat. Banish everything that is cold cuts, fries or dishes in sauce. And bet on organic rapeseed oil, coconut oil and olive oil (in moderate doses).

2. Prefer protein to starchy foods

Proteins (eggs, poultry, lean meats, fish, but also soy) help replace fat with muscle. And that’s all good to lose weight thighs! Starchy foods (slow sugars, but still sugars) tend to be stored, especially when eaten at night. Consume them rather at lunch, but in moderation. In the evening, try to eat without any sugar.

3. Drink a lot of water

The thighs are the preferred area of ​​water retention. As a result, it is necessary to drain, drain and drain. Drink 1.5 liters of water per month to eliminate toxins, and adopt hot tea-style drinks, herbal teas or soups.

4. Have a light hand on salt

Once again the water retention makes its own, and it is largely favored by sodium. Beware of ready-made products that often contain too much or sparkling water.

5. Avoid sugar

It’s no secret, sugar is bad for the line. In addition, it will lodge directly in your stocks already formed. So haro on sweets, cakes, ice creams, very sweet fruits, but also on sodas and alcohol that turn into glucose. And as seen above, soft on slow sugars if you do not compensate for an intense sport, especially in the evening.

6. Choose fruits and vegetables

Rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables, in addition to being excellent for health, are also low in calories, and especially rich in fiber. So good for the line.

Solutions to refine your thighs

7. Creams

There are many creams developed to lose thighs, fight against orange peel and cellulite, whether recent or persistent. With caffeine or guarana, hot or iced, the choice is vast. Their action is not miraculous, but the application of a specific cream improves the appearance of the skin.
Some are even targeted specifically on the thighs. Remember also that the cream is effective if it is accompanied by a specific massage. This allows better blood circulation.

8. The Cellu M6

This small device with evocative name can “move” your cellulite to make you lose inches. It reproduces the technique of palpate-rolling which, by taking off the skin, at the same time dislodges cellulite.

9. The cold shower

Ancestral method, the technique of the cold shower, if it may seem a little painful, yet has proven itself. After your shower or bath, run a jet of cold water on your thighs. The cold will activate the blood circulation, and tone the skin.

10. Lymphatic drainage

This technique is to stimulate the lymph by manual pressure that lighten the legs and eliminate cellulite. This care is practiced in institute, once or twice a month.

11. The Coolsculpting

A non-invasive method that revolutionizes the fight against fat cells. These famous cells that before, never disappeared completely, and were re-inflated when we regained weight.
The Coolsculpting eliminates these adipocytes by projecting a very intense cold on the area to be treated. A method that has a cost. Count around 800 euros per zone.

Thin thighs, it’s good, but the galber, it’s even better!

12. Swimming

It is a more than complete activity that will work your entire body, and specifically your thighs. And for a tenfold effect, adopt the fins, which will increase the difficulty of the effort, and make you work the muscles of your thighs in depth. For the fun side, water aerobics can move smoothly.

13. The running

It is the sport par excellence for slimming thighs and carving beautiful legs. Endurance allows to burn fat, so to refine. It is advisable for this purpose to run slowly more than 40 minutes, rather than fast and not to hold. Be careful when choosing your shoes, running with bad shoes, overweight and high dose that can be rather traumatic for your joints.

14. The skate

Sport fun, ballad, which can be practiced long enough without being too tiring, it assures buttocks and thighs in concrete!

15. Active walking

It is the easiest activity to practice to make beautiful legs. Take every opportunity to walk a little: do not take the bus for one or two stops, go shopping on foot, etc. And forget the elevator! Climb steps it works well the thighs, and you’ll see we quickly take the pace.

16. The dance

If you are not a sports fan, you can also choose to dance. In fact, the dance requires a lot of muscles of the lower body, especially Latin or African dances, very dynamic.

17. Cycling, aquabiking or cycling lessons

The little queen makes it possible to gently work the muscles of the leg. And in addition, you can include this activity in your planning: you can perhaps go to work by bike, or make your little trips by pedaling. When the weather is nice, it’s more pleasant than transport!

18. The beachvolley

On the beach, you watch them with envy girls who play beach volleyball. Get started! You will see that very quickly, your legs and your butt thank you: jump and run in the sand, mobilize your muscles as ever. And never mind if you’re dead with the ball, it’s your thighs and buttocks that matter!

And finally, some specific exercises for thin and muscular thighs

19. The chair

Back to the wall, feet parallel to the width of the basin. Bend your legs until you are seated, as on an imaginary chair. Hold the position for a few seconds, then return to the end position. Make 3 or 4 sets of 10 movements. Rest a few seconds between each.

20. Slots

Standing, feet apart from the width of your hips. Contract the abs and buttocks. Keep one foot on the ground and advance the other forward. Your knee should be at a right angle to the ground, and the other leg extended. Hold the position for a few seconds and then return to the initial position. Repeat 10 to 20 times, changing sides.

21. Squats

Standing with arms outstretched by the width of your hips, the palms of your hands on your thighs. Bend your knees stretching your arms in front of you. Do 20 to 30 repetitions.

The opinion of our expert form

How to lose weight “locally”? Many women are strong from the top of the thighs and buttocks. What to do ?
This disposition of fat is normal for a woman, gynoid type. To lose weight in this place, we must focus on sports that work the lower limbs and buttocks. Walking at a steady pace (and long), running, swimming will help you. One must be patient and not get discouraged because the fat around the thighs for hormonal issues is the slowest to leave.
To reassure you: you have never seen running champions or swimmers with breeches! So persevere!
Some women, after a slimming without too much sport, can get the excess fat removed by liposuction. But if the sedentary lifestyle persists, the fat will come back in the thighs as soon as the kilos taken again. Attention with age, cellulite arises around the belly after menopause. Stay alert

Now you have all the tricks in hand to lose thighs and buttocks, you play!

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