This amazing personality test can decipher who you are, just by the way you look at these images!

amazing personality test ? The way we perceive the world directly affects our character, just as our deep character influences how we decipher things and see what surrounds us. These two things are intimately linked and for good reason: they relate directly to what makes our personality.

This phenomenon is well known to scientists, psychologists and researchers around the world, and many psychological tests (the most famous of them being the Rorsach test) use forms, abstract drawings or tasks to identify the someone’s personality.

This is exactly what it is in the test that will follow … But be careful, for this to work, you must focus your attention and follow the instructions:

Try to remember the thing that first pops into your eyes, what you perceive first in these images. Of course, you will see several things in these forms, according to the different levels of reading of the image. Everything is pretty obvious, but that’s not what matters:

The important thing is to try to remember the very first thing you perceive!

Its good ? Go for it !

amazing personality test : What is the first thing you see in this picture?

A) A person sitting at the foot of a tree

B) Apples

C) The face of Isaac Newton

amazing personality test : What is the first thing you see in this picture?

A) A car

B) The letter A

C) A person with binoculars

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