This girl lived 8 months eating 3 apples a day: this is how she became 5 years later!

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In our quest for the dream body, we often forget that our body has specific nutritional needs that must be met to maintain its proper functioning and health. Discover in this article the shocking testimony of a young girl ex-model who spent 8 months feeding on 3 apples a day to lose weight.

One day, while she is shopping with her mother, Victoire Macon Dauxerre, an 18-year-old French girl, makes a meeting that will change her whole life. She is noticed by a representative of a large modeling agency. So, instead of joining the University of Political Science in Paris, she decided to join the agency Elite. But as soon as she steps in, her life changes completely.


The girl finds herself stuck in a world where being thin is of paramount importance. Even if no one asked her to lose weight, she desperately wanted to lose weight to participate in a fashion week during which she would have to wear size 32 and 34 clothes. Wanting to get there at all costs, Victoire started her starvation diet and can lose 10 kg in two months: it consumes only 3 apples per day and sparkling water. The only treat she allowed herself was a piece of fish or chicken once a week. Making 46 kg for 1m78, the fashion centers in Paris, Milan and New York tore off, and she managed to work for the most popular brands such as Alexander McQueen and Miu Miu. In a short time, she was one of the top 20 models. But like every two-sided story, and every backdrop, Victory is no exception. As she made great strides in fashion, her health became more and more impacted … She became anorexic, her pulse weakened, her menstrual cycle went out of control, she has suffered from osteoporosis and chronic hair loss. Moreover, she often lost consciousness.

Victoire had lost so much weight that she admitted that her photos were retouched by adding a little volume to her cheeks and thighs, and that her colleagues would certainly refute this information for fear of losing their job.Although more shocking admission: the models who had to nibble something in front of the cameras were immediately vomit as soon as they moved away. As time went on, Victoire felt more and more lonely, depressed and sad. The fashion world had totally consumed it. She had become anorexic and after 8 months of work, she tried to end her days. She felt miserable and no one could understand the pain she felt: for them, she led a life of dreams. To put an end to his torment, Victoire decided to leave his work.

Aged 23 today, she recounts her descent into hell in her book titled Never Lean enough – The Diary of an Ex-Model. She describes the pressure on models and the inhuman attitude of fashion designers who see them as hangers and not as human beings. Although this experience was trying for Victoire, it nevertheless achieved a feat: a law was promulgated in France to fight against the excessive thinness of manikins, who are now required to submit a medical certificate attesting that their state of evaluated according to their body mass index (BMI) was compatible with the exercise of their profession. Moreover, the girl recommends that the models to resign if they are forced to lose weight.

Victoire was able to fully recover from this traumatic experience. She currently wears 38 and aspires to work in the theater. Her courage should push all women to tell the hidden side of their story in the world of fashion and modeling, to better educate people about the dark side of this field to the perfect appearance, and prevent his story does not is repeated with other girls.


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