This is what a woman’s birth month reveals about her

This is quite surprising and not yet explained scientifically, but it is clear that individuals born in the same month have common traits. If you are a woman, discover in this article what your birth month reveals about your personality.


Women born in January are both ambitious and introverted. They paradoxically have the audacity of their shyness. Intellectually demanding, they seek to surround themselves with people at their level, and who share their vision of life.


Romantic and moody, the native of February are free and versatile, so sometimes difficult. A single constant in their personality: do not you dare to betray them, they have the stubborn resentment.


They are charming but it is difficult to win their love. Generally good company and charismatic, they know how to show their best and they are faithful in love as in friendship. Their fault? They may occasionally be unpleasant for no apparent reason.

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