This mother gave her baby breast when she saw in her nose, small tasks. She understands very quickly what it is!

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Meghan Budden is a mom who lives in the United States in New Jersey. As she cleaned her baby’s nostrils, she realizes the presence on the inner walls of these, small black spots.

While she is breastfeeding again, she sees these little black dots again. But where could it come from?

She tries to remember all that she and her baby have been able to do during the past hours and all the places they went to. It was not necessary for her to think too much, he just had to look at one of the buffets in her house.

The day before, Meghan had lit scented candles that she let burn for more than six hours. So she tried to see the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging of candles and what she read that there are no more doubts possible: according to a warning of the manufacturer, it is necessary to avoid leaving the candles on more than three hours in a row. After this time, the candles begin to produce soot.

Soot is thought to be similar to dust, yet it is one of the chemicals that cause asthma, chronic bronchitis, cardiovascular disease and many other respiratory problems.

There are hundreds of premature deaths in France because of this type of products, not to mention the attacks of asthma generated and whose number rises to thousands every year.

She and her baby would probably have been in great danger if Meghan had not seen the black spots and had not discovered the source of the problem. The effects would not have been felt the next day or in the next few weeks, but much later, and one thing is certain, they would have been very harmful.

Meghan tells her story in English in this video:

The lesson here is that it is important to always read the indications on the products we buy. One way to avoid the formation of soot is to cut very short the wick of the candle (between 2.5 and 6 mm), and do not leave in the air current the candle. It will of course immediately turn off the candle if you notice black smoke.

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