This surveillance camera recorded the moment when a soul had left a body … sensitive souls, abstain!

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In monotheistic religions, the body is an envelope that contains a soul that represents who we are, what we will be and what we will become in the hereafter. It is a fragment of God that returns to its creator at the moment of death, according to these existential conceptions. In the video below, you’ll see a soul escape from a body, but is it really true …

A new paranormal event taken on a video has become extremely viral lately and in a few days, more than four million views have been recorded in this video. As strange as it may seem to you, this video will seem both frightening and surprising, because this kind of phenomenon exists only in our imagination.

What happens when your soul breaks away from your body?

For the paranormal followers this experience is also called “astral travel” or “astral split” and it consists of getting out of your body and being able to travel wherever you want. If we follow this logic, the soul also detaches itself from a body at the moment of death to join a parallel world which is unknown to us and of which we know absolutely nothing.
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For the anecdote, Dr. Korotkov, author of more than 200 papers in journals on physics and biology, holds 17 patents on biophysical inventions. Professor Korotkov has been a researcher for more than 30 years, rigorously combining scientific methods with an insatiable curiosity about mind and soul with a deep respect for all life.

He is also a mountaineer with 25 years of experience. He has given lectures, seminars and training sessions in 43 countries, and presented papers and workshops at more than 100 national and international conferences.

What really happened in the popular video where the soul came out of the body in a very clear and limpid way: (True or false proof?)

This time, a surprising video managed to capture how the soul of a person, who had just died in a Chinese hospital, had left his body gently. Is it a reality or another special effect of these accursed Chinese?

In the photo we shared above, you will see the body of a recently dead person, covered with a leaf. Suddenly, a strange and frightening figure stands out from her and seems to be lost in the darkness.

“For information, this captured by security cameras made was uploaded to Youtube channel where some netizens do not exclude the fact that it has undergone a montage and great post-production efforts, while others say that this phenomenon could be real. “

This new paranormal case was captured in a hospital in China and is one of the videos having the greatest viral effect of the week and fueled the greatest doubts of humanity about the dead and its secrets.

The video is here (Sensitive souls, abstain!):

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