This woman is having breakfast for her children and killed them by an error we all make!

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In countries like Mexico, moms love to cook at home for their kids and do not like the idea that their kids eat canned food. However, things do not always go as planned, and the recent experience of an unfortunate Mexican mother confirms this.

Josefina, a mother of two, woke up early one day and went to the market for food for breakfast. She decided to prepare a healthy breakfast for her children; Agustin (8 years old) and Marina (6 years old). She made some egg and ham tortillas with fresh orange juice and the breakfast was ready to be served.

The children woke up and she sent them to the bathroom – she follows the strict rules of her grandmother – you can not sit on the table to eat before washing your hands. Josefina was preparing the table when Maria came down and she said, “Mom, Agustin is not out yet and I have to go to the bathroom,” said Josefina, “stop playing in the bath and get out!” The little boy came out and his sister entered the bathroom. Her mother told her to hurry so she could eat.

At the same time, Josefina received a text from her husband, and it took her a while to answer while Maria was in the bathroom. After finishing the text, Josefina called Maria again. Her husband was still sending texts while Josefina was preparing the table, and she managed to answer them all.

They ate well and they were ready for school at 07:45. They arrived on time and Josefina returned home, but two hours later she received shocking news.

She received a text that says her children are on their way to the hospital. She immediately called her husband and they rushed to the hospital. The doctors told them that the children are in bad shape – they could not control their fever which was probably caused by a bacterium called Salmonella.

This type of bacteria is present in many foods, and now destroys the organs of children! Josefina was shocked! She could not believe what was happening.
She fainted and needed to be sedated while her husband was praying to God for his family.

After some tests, the doctors concluded that the bacteria was in the breakfast that Josefina had prepared this morning. After talking to the doctors, they discovered that Josefina used her phone during the preparation.

He was probably the culprit. Our phones are coated in thousands of bacteria that can end up on our food and they have fatal consequences!
Maria died first, and not a minute later, Agustin died too. Josefina was screaming and reaching out for her children, but they were gone. The doctors did everything they could, but they could not save the children.
Now, Josefina uses her experience to warn everyone in the world – never use the phone while preparing food. This can lead to infections that can have fatal consequences.

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