This woman suspected her husband of deceiving her and she found a perfect technique to get to the bottom of it!

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She thinks that her husband is cheating on her and she wants to be clear. His technique is perfect!

“While we were married, I felt that my husband was cheating on me with another. When suddenly, I found a box of condoms in his car. I took a needle and punched a small hole in all the bags. An idea then came to my mind: I left each bag soaked in a hot sauce for an hour and put the box back in his car before he woke up.

A moment later, my husband told me that his mother needed him to help him work on his land and in the garden. As I was sure he was lying, I let him go. Three hours later, I receive a call from my friend who explains that she has burns in her vagina after a relationship with her boyfriend and she found herself unaided. My husband came home just after the call. He took a bag of ice and told me that while doing the work at his mother’s house he had been burned or bitten by an animal.

In fact, he lost his wife in this way, and she lost her friend! everyone does not know that I’m the culprit of this whole story. This way of avenging me facilitated the separation! “

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