This woman wrapped her feet with onion all night long. When you see the picture, you will be surprised

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You start to suffer from a flu, a cold? Do you have a traffic problem and want to remedy it naturally? Do you feel the need to purify your blood and body or simply take care of your health? For all these needs, we suggest you wrap your onion feet.

This is not a joke ! Our ancestors used this remedy enormously because there were no others at the time. This method will help you take care of your health by simply treating your legs because, as they say, “everything comes from the legs”. For this natural trick, you will need only one onion for each foot, clear film and warm socks (you can put 2 pairs).

How to proceed ?

Choose the strongest onions as they have more healing powers. Cut them into slices and wait a few minutes for the juice to appear. Then place these washers under your feet and wrap with clear film, then put on thick, woolen socks for warmth.
The plastic film is intended to prevent an unpleasant smell from spreading into the house, as well as keeping the onion firmly against your feet. If your feet are so sensitive that onions irritate them, crush them in a greasy cream or sweet almond oil before applying them.

What are the benefits of this surprising trick?

Do this before going to bed to let the onions act overnight. Your blood will be purified because the key ingredients of the onion will enter your bloodstream through your skin. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, the onion will improve your circulation and evacuate impurities from your body.

In the morning, remove the onions, wash your feet with cold water and put on warm socks to protect them. You can repeat this tip as often as you want. For those who have poor circulation, this method is the best because the blood starts to flow faster and reaches even the smallest veins. It is also recommended for people with diabetes.

Other purifying tips with onion

The onion is also excellent for purifying the air. Just place a few freshly cut pucks in different corners of your house.
The onion will absorb toxic substances in the air but also purify viruses that hang around. Thus, sleeping with a piece of onion on your bedside table can protect you or accelerate the healing of an influenza or a cold.

This natural trick also works to neutralize odors of fresh paint in a matter of hours and thus prevent you from breathing potentially toxic elements that may give rise to respiratory problems.

Finally, you can neutralize the odors of your refrigerator with a half-onion placed in the middle of your food and preparations.

Warning: once used, do not consume especially the onion which is now full of toxins. By the way, eat only freshly cut onions, because once exposed to the air or food in your refrigerator, they absorb toxins quickly …

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