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In this article, we will talk about a particular quality that has a magnetic effect on men.

It’s the famous self-confidence.
A woman who trusts her is terribly attractive to men, whether she likes it or not.

But what is EXACTLY this self-confidence and what makes a woman sure of herself? Is it an “innate” ability? Are people right when they say, “That self-confidence, we have it or we do not have it”?
There are tons of books, therapies, and methods that help to make you feel safer in life, not to accept everything, to be authentic, and above all, to feel SIMPLY better.

All these books and methods are probably very useful and can certainly help, but to start, in general, we must look at his childhood, remember complicated formulas, change the way of consciousness and many other things …

But as I am a simplicity enthusiast and you probably do not want to analyze your childhood, I would like to give you three tips that you can use NOW to make you feel safer. This feeling will undoubtedly radiate happiness, and it is in the minds of women that we find the origin of this radiation and NOT ONLY in their appearance!

To start, I would like to describe what makes a woman look safe. Perhaps you know a woman like this, or do you have that quality for a long time? If so, I can only congratulate you!

A woman with a good confidence in her walks straight shoulders, head up; she has a certain grace, but without giving the impression of being superficial. She treats everyone the same way, smiles in the same way to the housekeeper and the director. She tries to please everyone. She is so sure of herself that she is simply PRESENT.

She does not wonder what others think of her. Of course, she wants people to like her, like EVERYONE, but she is NOT DEPENDENT on the opinion of others, because she knows that the opinion of others is more based on what is happening in THEIR head only on what is happening REALITY.

Men admire both his charm and his amiability, knowing that one can neither buy oneself nor attract one’s sympathy by any gift. It treats men the way it wants and NOT the way men are supposed to “wait.”

Your confidence in yourself is especially at the beginning of a relationship, extremely important because without it, you risk falling into some a priori:

“I do not understand what he finds me, I’m not a gun. ”

Some women do not even want to see the man with whom they would like to be for fear that he will discover “who she really is”.

It is sad but true: it is precisely this mentality that makes a man really lose interest in a woman, simply because she has too little interest in HER.

To put it another way: you have too little LOVE towards yourself.

But if YOU do not have self-esteem or respect, how is this man supposed to do it for you? This is only possible if you love yourself (have everything that goes with it) that someone else will love you. Only after this step will you be able to accept all the love he feels for you!

So here are three tips to make you feel IMMEDIATELY safer:


It’s the posture that does everything. To prove it to you, I would like you to do the following:
Stand up and watch your feet. Stay still for a moment and analyze what you think. Then look up and pay attention to how you feel.

Do you feel the difference?

Humans feel better when they look up. Do you know why ? The body is the reflection of our moods. We look down when we are ashamed, when we are worried, when we want to be alone. When we look up, it is automatically because we are happy, relaxed or we expect something, that we usually feel good. With your posture, you can influence how you feel: pay attention to your gaze and force yourself to look up when you are not sure of yourself!

Your mood will follow itself!

Pay attention to the following points about your posture:

  • Stand with your feet firmly on the floor. Do not wriggle!
  • Tuck your belly (which makes you stand upright).
  • Reject your shoulders back.
  • Raise your head.

Your posture is what men notice in FIRST. Your body reflects the way you approach life: curved or straight and open!


A lack of self-confidence comes largely from a lack of TRUST in one’s own inner voice.

How often do we feel we have to do something or say something, but we do not do it because we do not dare? Instead, we choose the “safest” path and do what people expect of us.

Here is the truth: you will ALWAYS have to live with the consequences of your actions, whether you do something or not. In many cases, (in the long run) the consequence is heavier to bear if you do NOTHING. So take your courage with both hands and do it!
Do not let others decide everything in your life: follow your instinct! Follow your inner voice: it is much wiser than your reason is often. Your reason has been programmed by your education, so that others find “good” or “bad”. Your instinct knows in a flash what is good for you or not.

Become a full-fledged player in your life and finally start to trust your instincts and follow it!


Many women believe that the more they are nice to their surroundings (and especially with men), the more others will be nice to them. Unfortunately, it is often the opposite that happens: the nice people are too often exploited.

there are many people who are REALLY nice but who also avoid any conflict. These always give much more than they receive and sacrifice themselves too much for others. And in the end, they are surprised to always be abused.

Although kindness may be a virtue, it can lead from disappointment to disappointment if it is not anchored in THE SELF-AFFIRMATION.

The fastest way to find out if you have this quality or not is to observe yourself while in a group:

When you are at work, for example, and a decision has to be made, how do you behave?

  • Do you observe what’s going on, say nothing and wait for the others to make the decision?
  • Do you think and formulate your position for half an hour in your head before daring to say something?
  • Do you lead a whole debate in your head and end up completely ignoring the real discussion?
  • You formulate your position in your head before expressing yourself?
  • You openly say what you think when you want to?
  • If one of the last two solutions concerns you, do not worry: you are an admirable woman!

We can only emphasize how much self-confidence is a healthy quality and that healthy attitude towards oneself in ALL areas of life is extremely important, whether in the workplace, with friends or in the workplace. love area.

Self-confidence APPEARS. It is not a gift that one has or does not have at birth.

I hope I could give you some inspiration by this article.

And think about it:

men love women who are sure of them!

Never forget :

There is no magic formula to conquer a man, there are only formulas to be irresistible in the eyes of men. And these work for ALL men.

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