Top 15 things that men find sexy in women … Guess what is number 1?

Ladies, here is a ranking that should please you! In your opinion, do men prefer your buttocks, your eyes or your breasts?

In general, it seems that men are more attached to the physical than women. And the following ranking, based on an article from College Humor, is not going to make that impression lie. Now ladies, you’ll know what makes men mad …

Here are 15 sexiest things in a woman, according to the guys:

15. The glasses

This is a very big male fantasy. For good reason, the glasses tend to multiply the imagination by referring to colleagues, a photocopier, the office of the boss, etc. In short, if you wear glasses, do so that makes you sexy!

14. Flexibility

Logically, a flexible woman lets imagine that she is able to experiment a lot of sexual positions, more incredible than each other! Again, it is surely the imagination that takes over. Indeed, no one has ever proved that a professional dancer was necessarily better in bed than a woman of a lambda profession.

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