Troubling revelation: men are not attracted by the size or the shape of the buttocks!

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It is well known, many men are attracted to women with firm and plump buttocks. These are the target of many looks. We understand better why some celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé are so popular with men. But researchers have just unveiled a new theory that will certainly surprise you. And if these gentlemen were not really attracted by the size or shape of the buttocks?

Discover the result of this research!


A scientific study conducted by researchers in psychology at the Bilkent University in Turkey has just been published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. It reveals that men are more attracted to lumbar curvatures than to the buttocks themselves.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers showed pictures of women to 300 men. These women would have the same size of buttocks but with a more or less marked lumbar curvature (from 26 ° to 61 °).


The result allowed scientists to determine the perfect camber for men. Rather than choosing round buttocks (by their size), many preferred those that stand out thanks to the curvature of the spine. Indeed, it would seem that a moderate curve – of about 45 ° – is the ideal angle to captivate the eyes. This camber gives the impression that the buttocks are more plump without being so far.

According to Dr. David Lewis: “Men who claim to like beautiful buttocks are more attracted than they think by what is slightly above! It seems that they focus their attention on the buttocks to get information on the shape of the spine of the ladies … And that even if they are probably not aware. ”


According to these same researchers, this attraction is linked to ancestral instincts. A good curvature of the spine allowed women to remain active during their pregnancy and to live multiple pregnancies without risk.

Men would therefore be attracted to women with fleshy buttocks because this would mean that they are better able to carry children.

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