Two years after the death of his wife, the police look at the wedding photos and discover something that melted the husband in tears!

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Dave Lacey and Erica were a couple who made the perfect love. So they decided to unite and get married, but unfortunately Erika was diagnosed with a very rare cancer just before the wedding. The cancer was incurable.

It is only aged 30 that Erika died leaving her husband alone. He only had wedding photos left to remember how happy he was with his wife.

But only a few months later, Dave suffered a break-in. The thieves took with them all that was valuable in the house so the famous camera that contained more than 300 photos of their wedding and their honeymoon. It was a real shock for Dave. The camera was for him all that was left of his wife’s pictures.

My two years later, the police were following in the footsteps of burglars in the area. They found many stolen items in the camera that belonged to Dave. The police realized by looking at the photos of the wedding that the camera should be a very expensive object emotionally for the victim of this theft.

The police were finally able to trace Dave’s footsteps and they called him to inform him that they had found a camera that belonged to him.

Dave burst into tears when he saw the camera and especially the shoulder strap that his wife had made herself just before her death.

He was so happy to have found a little bit of what was so lacking in his life!

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