Warning: In Kenya, a new epidemic is raging … It is worse than AIDS!

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If you are hugging and love everything about kissing your loved ones on the mouth, it may be time for you to revisit this habit. You risk catching a deadly virus called, “Human Papillomavirus”.

In fact, students at Kisii University in Kenya received a warning from the country’s health authorities about negligent kisses, due to the human Papillomavirus outbreak. This outbreak saw several people admitted to the Kisii Level 5 hospital after the tests were positive for this disease.

HPV, a disease more than contagious:

Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, is an infectious viral disease that causes cancer of the mouth. This virus is transmitted through infected body fluids, which is why Kenyan health authorities have warned people against careless kissing and kisses.

“We have been told that public health workers in this region are working around the clock to find out the root cause of this situation. But we were advised to avoid trading kisses and bodily fluids with anyone, “said a third year public health student at Kisii University.

With a prevalence currently higher than all other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including AIDS, in addition to the fact that there is no cure that guarantees its treatment, it is surprising, if not even absurd, that people are not aware of the extent of the human Papillomavirus.

We may not feel concerned by this virus that is raging in Kenya, yet no one is really safe:

Despite efforts by the Kenyan authorities to contain this epidemic, HPV is spreading and gradually settling in southern parts of Africa. Subsequently, there is a good chance that many other African countries will be affected by this epidemic.

As a result, it is thought that with Africans traveling in almost every region of the world and even with other populations who also visit Africa, if an appropriate awareness is not developed, the epidemic is likely to spread worldwide in record time.

You are therefore well-informed, and you also have a duty to warn and inform family members, friends, colleagues, or other relatives about this deadly disease that kills more quickly than HIV / AIDS. “Make sure this warning comes to your loved ones,” concludes the third-year student at Kisii University.

Symptoms of HPV:
HPV can cause various diseases, here are 3 main ones:

1. Cutaneous warts:
These infections are also known as common warts, plantar warts or flat warts. They are caused by low risk virus types. Warts can appear on your arms, your face, your feet, your hands and your legs at any age, but more commonly during childhood;

2. Genital warts:
HPV causes most cases of genital warts, they are two types of virus representing a low risk.

3. Cervical dysplasia:
HPV can cause lesions in the form of abnormal cells in the cervix, this is called cervical dysplasia. These lesions are considered to be precancerous (they are not cancer cells, but may eventually be transformed into cancer cells). HPV infection often goes away on its own, but cervical dysplasia must be treated because it can lead to cervical cancer.

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