What must happen will happen, every thing in its time

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What must happen will happen, every thing in its time. Destiny is uncertain; sometimes, the winds simply do not blow in our favor, and despite our efforts, we fail to see reality in the face.

It is said that the most beautiful things that can happen to us are not foreseen; they happen, quite simply.

It is better to leave time, because if something happens, it will happen, whatever happens. Conversely, if it does not happen, it will not happen. It’s that simple.

That is why, sometimes, it is better not to foresee anything and not to wait for anything, but also to stop to persist to follow a path that is difficult to visualize, as well as to live in a world of expectations where everything is program.

When things are finally simpler than we imagined, a wide range of possibilities opens up to us, allowing us to enjoy life from a different perspective, much more calm and friendly. , and promoting our well-being.

Everything happens, everything happens, everything is transformed

As you surely know, we are the product of our circumstances and desires. However, sometimes, all this is not compatible, or at least it is easy for us to digest the circumstances that are imposed on us. Therefore, it generates in us anxieties that distress us and, as we say, “we rot”.

In such a context, we advise you to pay attention to this famous Arabic proverb containing a relentless logic: if you have the solution to your problem, why do you worry? And on the contrary, if you do not have it, why do you worry too?

Of course, it seems obvious that one should not worry about problems that can not be solved, but it is sometimes impossible to let oneself be carried away by events and to keep calm.

The lesson that can be drawn from all this is to say that some things are out of our control, and that sometimes the best thing to do is let life do it and accept the circumstances, whatever they may be. are.

We are not a carapace, we are the breath
We are what we digest, the stones we stumble upon, the scratches we do not dress, and the tragic ends of our lives. We are not just smiles, joys or truths, we are also lies (those we tell and those we tell ourselves), we are the critics and tears that we do not do not Cry.

Thus, it is far from easy to cover all the elements that compose us. However, this does not mean that we should be wary of the happiness or the hazards of life.

It’s not about believing or not believing in fate, but rather letting the circumstances surprise us and opening the windows of emotional relaxation, which will help us rekindle our feelings.

Sometimes we have to flee ourselves, flee our expectations. In other words, we need to wash our minds to distance things, count to ten, and replenish oxygen in our lungs.

This will help us not to lose the pedals, and not to regret what we lost; when there must be an end point, we must then put one, but also respect the ellipsis, commas, points and paragraphs.

It is said that what does not kill us makes us stronger, and that it is precisely this impetus that helps us to engage, barefoot and over kilometers, on this stone path. In reality, the secret is that we must exploit our mistakes and take advantage of the winds of change.

Keep in mind that those parts of you that you do not connect with frequently lose the strength they need to activate. That’s why you must not let life go by watching the batteries in your watch burn, do not retrocede.

Give him continuity, learn to relax, take a closer look at those thoughts that hurt you, and think about life with patience. Do not try to predict every millimeter of your journey, sometimes you just need to step back and let yourself be random.

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