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Here is the result of a survey of a hundred young men to find out what they disliked at first in a woman, that is to say, in terms of aesthetics, but also in character. So ladies, ladies, to your pens! It’s time to take notes and not repeat the same mistakes.

At the aesthetic level

The lipstick / gloss / pencil

Many men seem to be put off by outrageous lipstick. I mean by the colors a little too brutal, black, pink Barbie for example. However, carmine red, plum and pastel are not to displease. I found this amazing, but these gentlemen (most of them), have a total aversion to the gloss. One of them told me:

“I do not understand why women stubbornly shine their lips. I prefer a basic lipstick rather than this slimy substance. It does not make me want to kiss my partner when she has that on the lips. One I’m afraid to have on mine and two she’s recovering right after. “. Jerome, 29 years old.

Finally, the lip pencil seems to be appreciated by hard rockers (and surely others that I did not poll). But for the vast majority of men interviewed, the lip pencil, when visible, reveals a great vulgarity. Even more when it is permanent.

So you’ll understand: lipstick yes, as long as it remains discreet, fine and elegant.

The flashy nail polish

Great surprise for me. I admit that my fingers are more like Knaki than a fairy and so I do not have the habit of putting on polish. However, I am quite envious of women with long, thin fingers and bright red nails. Nails gnawed like mine, obviously it displeases men, but that’s normal. But big news: the varnish of color, it is not too their hobby horse.

“I prefer women with flawless nails but no color. At the limit a french manicure as you say, or a clear or very discreet varnish. I can not stand all those women who wear blue, black, green. Looks like they want to assemble their clothes with their nail polish, it’s a little ridiculous and frankly not sexy. Rude at most.
Julien, 26 years old.

“The red varnish annoys me less than the others because it is a classic. But for me, the other colors are to be banned. After, it’s my opinion.
Pierre, 33 years old.

Padded bras

And yes, the classic. Who does not like to reveal a generous and luscious chest with a nice cleavage? Who does not like to add a little, just to dream? Yes but … Men seem, once again, to prefer the natural. I remember two reasons that have come back several times and for which these gentlemen do not like the stuffed ones:

“It’s nice to grow your breasts. I will not lie, personally, I love big tits. But when I get to bed, and I undress the girl in question, it’s often a big disappointment, and I know what I’m talking about. Aymeric, 31 years old.

“I love small breasts, it’s stronger than me. And beyond that, I find that there is nothing more sexy than a pretty woman, slim, wearing a tight T-shirt without bra. Good after, I know it’s a little tricky in the street. But at least one bra without padding, without reinforcement. I advocate the natural! Arnaud, 25 years old.

The self-tanning

A nice tanned complexion, yes, men are for. On the other hand, the complexion turns orange, no. So do not abuse the UV, let alone the self-tanner that does tasks. Nothing worse to scare a man!

The stuffy scent

The scent that cocotte is to avoid. A small drop of perfume is pleasant, bewitching. The perfume that smells too strong is, for its part, “nauseous” (I quote!). So the perfume is put in the morning and left at home. We do not recover every hour! Including ?

I think it’s clear: men love femininity and delicacy and hate vulgarity and outrageous makeup.

At the character level:


Apparently the worst in a woman for men. A woman who stalking them all the time and can not stand their gaze on another woman she … no, they do not want more.

“I do not know if I’m the unlucky one but I always fall on jealousy. All women are not? Jean, 27 years old.

The lack of openness to the world

Men love curious women, in the good sense of the word. A woman who seeks to understand the world, who is interested in it, who has conversation and sharing. It is important to be interested in what surrounds us. This offers, in addition, the ability to vary the topics of conversation!

“My last girlfriend was zapping the news to watch dubious programming like a secret story. It exasperated me. She was not stupid, I think. But it gave me the impression. I think this is the main reason for our breakup. I could not stand his lack of openness! Matthias, 22 years old.

The possessiveness

After jealousy, possessiveness is what scares the most men. A woman who sticks them all the time, who has no emotional autonomy and who seeks exclusivity at all costs, makes them flee. Men work differently, I do not teach you anything. And if the couple’s feminine vision often lies in its fusion, the man needs more independence and freedom.

The relo-attitude

Women who complain all the time, who moan for nothing and reproach at every turn of the field can not make you want. We understand them at the same time. We are a little bitchy anyway. Have a small (very small) side, why not. But banging them on the system all day long is not possible!

Easy criticism

You will lose points by criticizing the girl on the other side. Yes, yes, one with ultra-tight leggings and a short T-shirt. And who, in addition, wears it well.

“I hate girls who criticize others. They have nothing else to do with their day. Why bother with someone they do not even know! Matthew, 22 years old.

We know it, why we like to criticize so much. We are reassured, we hope that the other is worse than us. Simply because, most of the time, we do not like 100% the image that our mirror returns to us. Alas, our eyes are the worst distorting mirrors! So hop, we regain confidence, we accept ourselves, better, we love each other and we do not criticize anymore. You’ll earn points by complimenting a woman’s outfit rather than attacking her. And if you really do not like it, do not open your mouth.

Second thing that came back many times: men do not support women who criticize them (even if it’s nice), in public. They feel upset and downcast. Know how to put your man in value and avoid reproach in public, even if it titillates you!

Other small things were mentioned, such as lack of conversation, sulking or the fact that women are often very close to their mothers. But these reproaches have become rarer.

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