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The eyes are the mirror of the soul. This expression is so common that we have all heard it at least once in our lives. It has just been confirmed by scientific research: our eyes are indeed capable of revealing many things about our personality.

Scientists at Örebro University in Sweden surveyed 428 volunteers to see if there was a connection between their iris and their personality. They found that the color of the eyes is affected by the same genes that form the frontal lobes of the brain. They also found that people with the same iris color had some personality traits in common.

Dr. Anthony Fallone of the University of Edinburgh studied the links between the eyes and the personality. According to him, “the eye is neurologically very closely linked to the brain. It is in a way its only visible part from the outside. It seems to hold clues essential to the functioning of our brain.

Here are the attributes of each eye color and their relationship to the personality:

If you have black or dark brown eyes:

You are probably a born leader. If you think it does not look like you, you may be surprised to learn that this is how people see you.
The brown or dark eyes sometimes appear black, one of the rare colors of the eyes. People with eyes of this color are often perceived as mysterious or secretive. However, a study by Current Psychology, published by the Daily Medical, showed that people with very dark eyes are generally considered more enjoyable.

In addition, the darker the eye color, the more melanin in the body. Melanin acts as an insulator for the connections between brain cells. The more melanin you have, the faster the brain works. On another note, a study published by the journal Personality and Individual Differences states that people with very dark eyes tend to drink much less than those with clearer eyes. Another study finds that they are generally better at sports that involve hitting targets like tennis.

In other words, you could dominate the world, if only you could find your inner strength! The world already sees you as a leader.

If you have blue eyes:
You have great inner strength and physical strength even though many people do not see it. In reality, people do not really know you and often judge you negatively. They may see you as weak, shy, or untrustworthy.

People with blue eyes can often be perceived as shy. The Daily Mail reports that in 2006, German psychologists discovered that blue-eyed children tend to be suspicious of new things and are considerably less open to their peers. The Daily Medical adds that many people perceive blue-eyed people to be “competitive” and even “selfish”.

Despite these negative evaluations, a pilot study reported by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine suggests that women with light-colored eyes tend to cope better with pain during delivery than those with dark or dark-brown eyes. In addition, they would better manage the constraint of childbirth. Dr. Inna Belfer says: “In a study of 48 pregnant women – 24 with dark eyes and 24 with light eyes – those with light eyes are much less prone to anxiety and depression. postpartum. ”

If you have gray eyes:
Gray eyes are rare, it is a variant of blue eyes. In other words, if you have dark gray eyes, your irises are a shade of blue. According to the Tech Museum of Innovation, dark gray eyes have more melanin on the surface of the cornea, while light eyes have much less.

If you have dark gray eyes, you can be an exceptionally well-rounded person or have a double-faceted personality. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde deep down? You may not be the same for different people, adapting to the needs and duties you face.

If you have light gray eyes, you probably work harder than most people. You make efforts to be taken seriously, and always be on your guard. But if it’s hard to break your shell, you’re still someone who cares deeply about those around you.

If you have hazel eyes:
Hazel eyes are hard to describe. They are so called because of their color similar to that of the fruit.

Eye Doctor Guide describes hazel eyes as eyes that change color from green to brown, or as two-color irises. The part that is close to the pupil may be green, while the iris tends to brown. This color is rare, and people with hazel eyes are considered unique and different. The nuances of the hazel eyes are unique to each one.

People with hazel eyes tend to be independent, confident and spontaneous. The amount of melanin in their eyes varies from person to person, so it’s never possible to pin down their personality. However, these people have in common a balanced personality that can sometimes be difficult to decipher.

According to Dr. Mathieu Leach of the University of South Australia, people with hazel eyes may be prone to digestive problems.

If you have brown eyes:
Like dark or very dark eyes, brown eyes are the result of high melanin levels. People with brown eyes tend to be both pleasant and authoritarian, they inspire confidence.

According to the studies done by Charles University in Prague, these people are generally very loyal, respectful and gentle, but certainly not submissive.

A study in Chronobiology International found that people with brown eyes usually sleep two hours shorter than people with fair eyes, and their sleep patterns tend to be shorter. They usually have more difficulty getting up in the morning.

If you have green eyes:
People with green eyes are often perceived as sexy, seductive and mysterious.
A study published by Impulse Corporation in Los Angeles looked at the relationship between personality and eye color. The researchers concluded that the most common trait related to the green color is attraction. Indeed, most participants who wanted to change the color of their eyes chose green as the first choice.
Green eyes have a balanced melanin content that makes them pleasant and more attractive than blue or brown eyes. In addition, ophthalmologist surgeon Hamadi Kallel has done some research on this topic and concluded that green-eyed people appear to be mysterious, discreetly self-reliant, unpredictable and uncomfortable. They are also original, creative and effective when working under pressure.

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