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Colors have a real effect on people, they can influence our decisions and impact our vision of life. For example, a person who likes the yellow color is rather positive and energetic while a person who favors the purple is rather reserved and soft.

There are many tests to interpret a person’s character traits. Notably the analysis of writing, the astrological sign or the month of birth. But did you know that it is also possible to decipher the behavior of an individual by analyzing his favorite color?

The Red

Red is the color of domination and passion. You are a person with great self-confidence. Ambitious, you set goals in life and do not let anything or anyone get in your way to reach them. You do not give up easily, but when you do, you give yourself body and soul and show total loyalty to your loved ones.

Whoever says red says great will and perseverance, giving up is not part of your vocabulary.


If the color of your personality is yellow, it means that you are a happy, cheerful, lively and optimistic person. It is very difficult to be demoralized and even if you feel dejected, you get up very quickly and fall back on your feet in no time. You refuse to surround yourself with negative waves and you prefer to get away from pessimistic people. Your currency ? Smile to life and life will smile on you.

You are very helpful and caring about the well-being of others makes you an idealistic person, but who still keeps his head on his shoulders thanks to a pragmatic vision of life. You are a responsible person who inspires confidence and stability.


Individuals who have an orange personality are playful, a little playful and have kept their child’s soul. They are endowed with great energy and constantly spend themselves through an active and frantic pace of life so as not to repress their emotions. Naturally generous and altruistic, they put the happiness of others before theirs and are ready for anything for their loved ones.

Highly eloquent, they also know how to listen and make good confidants through their open-mindedness.
They like being in the limelight and being the center of attention as soon as they get the chance. Many people corresponding to this color evolve in the world of the spectacle.


People whose favorite color is purple are sensitive, emotional and enjoy being able to spend time alone without anyone to disrupt their privacy. Usually endowed with creative talent, they are artists who like to give free rein to their imagination. They have the ability to take refuge in a bubble and often have trouble concentrating during a conversation because their mind carbons to 100 per hour!

Purple is synonymous with gentleness, kindness, serenity and openness to others. Always listening, they listen attentively to their loved ones.

The green

As its name indicates, the personalities related to the green color like nature because like the trees and the plants, they have the feet on the ground and are endowed with a great sensibility. They are most often introverted and show a great attraction for the things around them. They like to explore, travel and discover new places. Staying locked in a house scares them.

Intelligent, they like to be stimulated intellectually and sort the people around them on the shutter. Only people who are willing to accept their sarcastic sense of humor and their offensive frankness are part of their circle of friends.


Blue people are romantic and idealistic, they are kind, sincere and their company is very much appreciated. Unable to bear all the atrocities that take place in the world, they try as best they can to do good around them.

Sensitive and calm, they like to relax outside, mainly around the water. Whether near a lake or at the edge of the ocean, only nature is able to recharge them in case of a hard blow.

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