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We must heal our wounds from the inside to enjoy a good quality of life.

This has already happened to you: an urgent desire before an important event, a ball in the stomach waiting for a news, a feeling of oppression and pain in the face of the behavior or the words of others … There exists necessarily a link between the body and the mind. Faced with our suffering mind and repressed sentences, the body also reacts in its own way. In the field of psychology, we speak of psychosomatic disorders. And we all have more or less experience.

Psychosomatic disorders: when the mind suffers

We find the origin of psychosomatic disorders in the repression of very intense emotions, feelings that we can not assimilate and that we then manage in a negative way. A classic example: a person who does not blossom in his work, with a superior who does not appreciate his efforts and belittles him. This person will return home depressed, with frequent headaches, insomnia … This stress situation can even cause stomach ulcers or a nervous breakdown. If she does not react, if she does not express aloud her thoughts, her malaise and what hurts her, this person will eventually become seriously ill. The same thing can happen during a separation, if the we are broken-hearted and we do not know how to take control of ourselves. Sadness and sorrow will feed our thoughts on a daily basis, leading us to disease, pain and other diseases produced by the mind.

Psychosomatic disorders can cause the following clinical manifestations:

  • Coronary heart disease: tension and unhealthy competition can cause them.
  • Tension headaches: a very common problem in people experiencing stress.
  • Asthma: Stress and certain emotions can cause an asthma attack.
  • Low back pain: Lumbar concentrated back pain is one of the main causes of sickness, and this pain is almost always associated with problems of tension and emotions.
  • Eczema: This skin condition causes a sensation of great tingling and is often associated with stress.

Open doors: release repressed sentences

It is always difficult to manage because we often live in situations where it is difficult to react: it takes a job to live, and stressful situations are almost always related to our professional activity. Neither can we control all the negative events of our life, because it is a path that is traced as and when we advance: nothing is predictable and tranquility is not assured.

Nevertheless, we can prepare ourselves, have weapons and develop our personal capacity to know how to set limits and say out loud what we need, in order to maintain self-esteem and not let ourselves be drawn to abysses to let it go, repressed sentences and sorrows piled up.

It is normal to feel anxious, to be afraid and to be stressed, but always punctual and transient. If these emotions stay too long, our body will eventually complain and be more vulnerable to disease. The penalties must be healed and heal so that we can continue to move forward. To open the doors of happiness depends only on us, and our joy of living is based on our deep desire.

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