When we feel that a relationship is coming to an end

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Maybe you have the impression that the title of this article contains an error, and that the final question mark is missing.

But our goal here is not to ask a question, but to review some of the feelings that can be felt when you know that a relationship is coming to an end.

As sad as it may seem, most of us make our relationships last longer than necessary, even knowing full well that there is no more spark, and that even the last embers are extinguished. who once shone, in all beauty.

This is why we have to put an end to a relationship from the moment we know that there is nothing left.

To prolong the suffering unnecessarily, is to cover with a little more ground the fire already extinguished, and to blur the happy memories that one could have of this relation.

Why make a relationship last?

This time, we ask a question, which is: why make a relationship that is complete last? Is it really worth it?

Are the links and the reasons for this relationship strong enough to unite the two members of the couple, even though we are often unable to stop the bleeding, and we know that love has been around for a long time?

“What should I do ? Waiting for you? To forget you ? Doing like you, moving from one to another, sleeping with someone today, and with someone else tomorrow? ”
-Frida Kahlo-

The human being needs to feel protected by his lifestyle. Thus, he feels less alone, because he knows that there will always be someone who will wait for him at night when he returns.

We are all afraid of loneliness, since we have never been taught to live alone. We always need someone who is home when we come home at night.

As of our age, we are told that an adult must be in a relationship; a job, a house, a companion, that’s enough to lead a fulfilling life and achieve its goals.

However, over time, we notice that this pattern of life satisfies us less and less.

We need to be ourselves and fulfill our deepest dreams, but we are not prepared to achieve these goals, which generates frustration because we are unable to be truly happy with ourselves.

In these moments, we take refuge in the habits that offer us our broken relationships, where love no longer reigns, but which bring us a certain tranquility and a certain rest.

The fear of losing someone

In life, we have been taught to be afraid. One of our biggest fears is to lose the person we love, even if it is not the love that binds the relationship between us and that person.

“The most difficult thing is not the first kiss, but the last one.”
-Paul Géraldy-

It is possible that the affection persists. Also respect, understanding and friendship, or fellowship. However, it is not love.

If we are not aware of this and this ignorance is added to the fear of losing the other, our mind, our soul and our heart become confused, and we are unable to take the fateful decision that represents the end of That relation.

Perhaps the lack of self-assurance that appears in our hearts from a very early age prevents us from making the hard decisions ahead, because we know that love is no more, but we are not able to say it aloud, or to tell it to oneself.

Perhaps the fear of loneliness prevents us from making this decision that we know to be the best for us, even if we do not find the courage to move in the right direction.

Perhaps the fear of what will be said; how would my family take it? What would my neighbors and friends think of me? How will I announce this to my children?

And during this time, you lead an unhappy and painful life that makes you lose your dignity in favor of a relationship that has not been passionate for years, and that kills your heart every day.

It is not always easy to read in a heart, especially if it is broken.

Yet it must be, for a finished relationship, where love is dead, is one of the most terrible curses that your soul can contain.

So be brave and do what you need to do if what you want is to be happy again.

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