Why does he want to see me, without taking any initiative? The truth may shock you …

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You flashed on a man, it seems reciprocal but …

But despite everything he tells you, that he would like to see you, spend time with you, he never takes any initiative?

And if you ever see yourself, it’s always just friendly when you feel that you’re both drawn to each other.

If it is possible that you are mistaken about what this man feels for you, it may also be that he has a blockage that prevents him from going to you as he would want.

So that you might come to wonder why this man who wants to see you never take any initiative is that you have been regularly confronted with this reaction. If this man did not interest you, you would have dropped the case for a long time. But that’s it, you really like it and you know it’s reciprocal.

So it’s normal that you get hooked but be careful not to waste your time with a man who is very well in this intermediate step and who will never make any effort.

See from when he blocks things
To get things done, you have to go step by step to make sure you find the right problem and the most appropriate solution. So you must first know from when the man you like starts to block things by taking no initiative. This will help you know what he really wants, what bothers him and find a solution.

Whether you have met a man on the internet or you have met a man several times in the evening, you may be writing: sms, Facebook, Snapchat …

You have been able to start a relationship with him in writing before seeing or seeing him again. For you it was obvious that this was only a step, a way to get to know him better before your situation progressed and you could see each other again. It seemed to you that it was clear to him too, he even said that he wanted to see you again and yet nothing.

You offered him a date several times, you gave him perch so that he knew where to find you if he wanted to, so he took the initiative to invite you to have a coffee … But he did nothing of the sort, and you have not seen or seen yourself again. And yet he continues to tell you that he would like to see you again.

It is also possible that this man who likes you is quite ready to see you: cinema, coffee, concert, ballad, evening with friends … He is always delighted to see you, shows himself particularly attentive with you but nevertheless he does not Never spend anything more between you.

You notice that he is not closer with the other girls, but despite everything he tells you, he takes no initiative to get you closer too.

It is even possible that he tries to prevent you from taking the initiative. The words are enough for him and he seems to really want nothing more, a simple flirtation that would not commit anything.

Discover where the problem comes from
The situations in which you can find yourself with a man of this type who takes no initiative can be multiple. They each reveal a different blockage, even more different than each man has his own story. You will have to identify yourself the problem that prevents the man you like to take initiatives.

But rest assured, if each man has his own story with personal details, there are still big blockages in which you will end up. In general, a man who says he is attached to you, who tells you that you like him but who takes no initiative is a man who is a little lost. This can be for several reasons.

If this man says he wants to see you but he makes sure it never happens, you’re facing a pretty big problem that you’ll have to solve gently.

If he acts like that, it is without doubt that he does not know where he is sentimentally speaking. Even if you really like him, there may be other things that come into play in his judgment: he may already be in a relationship, he may have just broken up and still struggles with this break, it is possible that he thinks of leaving soon far from there city where you are both and does not know how to behave with you because of that …

Or he may have significant personal problems right now that make him prefer to focus on it rather than start a relationship.

The same reasons may explain his lack of initiative when you see yourself but if he is nevertheless close to you, it is already that the balance is in your favor.

If his married couple of the wing he begins to say that he would have to put an end to it, if he is recovering from a break it is said no doubt that he could live a beautiful story with you.

And the other problems that make him take no initiative can surely be put aside so that he concretely puts himself into a possible relationship with you.

But still, it is also possible that a man who never goes to the act and who prefers to remain at the stage of seduction. You can easily check this by talking with his friends and trying to find out more about him.

To ensure that he takes initiatives
Whatever the cause of this lack of initiative, you must be patient: what you are already doing since you are still waiting for it and prefer to try to solve the problem rather than go elsewhere. Keep a little of this patience so as not to risk rushing it: it would be counterproductive.

Obviously, you can not let this situation become normal and daily for you, it will have to be decided at a time. But you can not put it on the wall overnight if you want your relationship to evolve. You can show him what you expect, be a little firm, without being tough with him. If it does not matter, you can try to put it on the wall, but you will not have to waste any more time with him.

What counts above all to make it change and make it take initiatives is to establish a relationship of trust between you.

Show him that for you he is more than just a friend, please, without forcing his hand at first. Try to see it as much as possible, have a good time together, do not spend your time writing to him when you are not together, do not hesitate to have gestures that show him well that you like.

When he himself tells you that you like him or shows him with a thoughtful but discreet gesture, answer it. This will allow you to create a real bond between you, to reassure him about your feelings.

Once this relationship of trust is in place, you can address the subject in your conversations if you see that nothing has changed.

When he tells you something that shows you that he has feelings for you, start talking about your situation. You must not be accusing in your tone but you must still make it clear that this situation is unclear and that you would like things to change.

If the relationship of trust is really established between you, it will tell you what is wrong and you can then solve the problem in a concrete and appropriate way to the situation that is yours.

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