Why is yoga practice recommended?

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Yoga practice can help us connect with the present moment and avoid anxiety and stress issues. It also allows us to achieve greater flexibility and multiple physical benefits.

In this article, we explain why yoga is recommended. There are many types of physical activity that you can choose to be fit. Today, we are going to focus on one of them in particular, which is very popular today.

Yoga has become an indispensable practice for many people. They seek well-being at all levels, physical and mental, to enjoy life more and feel better about themselves.

In fact, although some people focus more on building muscle mass and exercising with weights in the gym, they often combine this practice with yoga. In their case, they use it as a complement.

But what can it bring them more than they do not already have with the dumbbell exercises at the gym? This is what we will see below.

Yoga is recommended to take care of one’s mind

One of the main reasons people appreciate yoga is that in the society we live in today, stress, anxiety and depression are more and more commonplace. To face all this, we must look for solutions that help us improve our quality of life.


We live our lives as if we had switched on autopilot and we walk, eat and talk without being aware of it. By constantly following anxious habits, we worry too much and we always live in the future. The present moment is completely neglected.

Therefore, one of the reasons why it is so beneficial to practice yoga is that it makes us aware of the present moment. it allows us to better manage all these thoughts of the past and the future. Instead of giving us a moment to escape our stress and relax completely.

For all these reasons, after a yoga class, you will feel refreshed and energized again.

Yoga helps us get in shape

Another reason why yoga is recommended is that it allows us to improve our physical condition. Although it is not a great help in developing large muscles, it helps us tone our body and even lose weight.

Many yoga postures, both easy and difficult, allow us to test our strength. For example, the Bakasana posture allows us to develop the strength of our arms and the posture Adho Mukha Vrksasana (balance posture on the hands) the strength of our trunk.

However, there are other benefits to yoga practice that we do not pay attention to. One of them is breathing and the other is flexibility.



In yoga, breathing is a big help. It allows us to perform certain postures in a deeper way or to get more torsion of the body when performing certain asanas.

If we have low breathing capacity, yoga can help us improve that. With some exercises, we will help our lungs fill with air.


Yoga is also recommended for people who do not have a very good flexibility. For many, it causes present moment. Therefore, this practice can be a very effective solution for any discomfort caused by lack of flexibility.

For this to improve over time, do not force the body from the beginning. There are many postures that we will not be able to do properly if we are still beginners. However, we will be constantly amazed at everything we do.

As we have seen, yoga is very beneficial. Even if we have an injury or a problem, we can still practice it. However, respecting the limits of our body and without forcing it. We will notice improvements, at least with respect to pain. We will feel more active and much more flexible.

Why is yoga practice recommended

Yoga does not know the ages. In fact, there are special classes for children, for adults, for pregnant women, for people who have suffered an accident … In short, in addition to the different styles of yoga that can be found, there are also has in them specialized classes for these cases in particular.

It may be a good idea to introduce children to this practice at an early age. They are currently under a lot of stress and this can seriously affect them in the future. For us, this practice, more than recommended, is essential.

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