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Everyone wants us our famous french kiss. But for what reason (s) do we kiss each other exactly? A question all the more interesting that we would be one of the only species to practice shovel driving.

“Our closest relatives, like chimpanzees or bonobos, practice kissing,” says Rafael Wlodarski of Oxford University’s Department of Experimental Psychology, “but it is much less intense and widespread. So here we have a human seduction behavior that is incredibly widespread and common, but that is quite unique. And we still do not know exactly why it is so widespread or what its purpose is. ”

Knowing what the kiss is for, that’s what this researcher and his team got to grips with. Their work was published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior and Human Nature, and according to them, if we kiss each other, it’s for two good reasons. Explanations.

The researcher recalls that currently, there are three main theories about the role of kissing in sex. It would make it possible to evaluate (we do not know how) the quality of the genes of a potential partner. It would be used to increase excitement, especially during foreplay. It would serve to maintain a relationship.

The opinion of the public

The researchers wanted to know if one of these theories was the right one. For this, they simply asked the question to a representative panel of participants, as in a survey. An online questionnaire was sent to 900 adults.

The questions focused on the importance of kissing, both in short and long term relationships and here is what the answers show.

In a relationship, women attach more importance to kissing than men. This is also the case for men and women who feel that they are more attractive than others, or have more short-term relationships and adventures.

In the context of short relationships, it is before sex that the kiss is considered important, much less during and after.

In long relationships, it is almost always important. The frequency of the kiss would be linked, in a relation, with the quality of this one.

The relationship of women to the romantic kiss would also depend on their menstrual cycle as well as the stage of their relationship.

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