You have been using sanitary napkins in the wrong way forever!

If you are a woman, you are probably used to using sanitary towels every month … What if you were told that you use them in a bad way? Here are some insights to learn how to place them well.

1. Disposable sanitary napkins: instructions for use
There are two types of sanitary napkins on the market: those with adhesive tape at the center that stick to the undergarments, and the others: those with wings on the sides and which improve fastening on the pants. Generally, towels need to be changed every two hours (never keep a sanitary napkin more than 8 hours in a row, this advice also applies to sanitary tampons).

How to effectively use sanitary napkins?
To use them correctly, follow the following instructions, very useful for optimal fixation to your underwear.

Step 1
As a first step, you will remove the package from the sanitary napkin before using it.

2nd step
Once seated on the toilet, place your underwear under your knees.

Step 3
Unfold the wings of the towel then remove the tape on the entire length of the towel.

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