You have to let go of what hurts you, even if it is difficult for you

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Over time, I understood that to let go is not to declare oneself defeated, it is not an act of weakness, but rather an act of strength and maturity. Even if it hurts me to let you go, I know that some things can not last.

Throughout our lives, we have left many things behind us, we have unlearned scenarios, situations, habits and even people.

Today, you are what you left behind yesterday, in order to build a more authentic present, even if it caused some suffering.

Let go, in fact, it’s part of life; every step forward we make serves us to undo those things that can no longer last, what hurts, what fits with the gears of our happiness.

To assume that to live often is to break the bridges and let go of those things that once filled us with happiness and hope, no doubt it is something very difficult to do.

However, from the moment we assume it, we are better prepared to overcome those moments when looking back is to “get away” from those things that are now in the past.

Sometimes being nostalgic enriches and inspires us, but surviving perpetually in the memory and in what you let go, far from allowing you to blossom, it will erode you, like those rocks sometimes laden with the pain of the swell.

Free yourself, go forward, and assume your life as if it were a precious treasure: it enriches you from the inside and helps you to take the best path, the one where the balance opens, the one that will lead you to live all the things you really need to live.

Let some things go so that even better ones can reach us

Sometimes, we believed strongly in these things that we let go, and very often, they allowed us to be happy.

The joys, the love and the hope of yesterday explain the suffering of today, the difficulty that one can have to unlearn a person or a situation.

Even what made you feel good may not hurt you now, but rather make you suffer. Even those who say they love you can get away from you a little more each day, like those who tear out the petals of a flower until only the thorns remain.

In fact, it is not easy to integrate what we have been told so many times: Living is being carried away without resistance. But, how to achieve it?

We all need insurance every day, we all need to love us today in the same way as tomorrow.

  • To let go is to show courage, to know oneself. We need to be able to see where our limits are, and to know what we really want for us.
  • We are aware that happiness is acquired for no one, that no line of the hand guarantees it.
    Nevertheless, we have the right to interleave, at a given moment, our fingers with those of another, this person who fills us with emotions, and who in a certain way offers us well-being.
  • If this companion or companion to whom we hold hands guides us on the path of misfortune, then we must let go and find our own way, and even if there is still love.
    In spite of tenderness and passion, all relationships are not healthy, and all loves do not understand the language of respect.

A strong self-esteem and a courageous attitude that defends our own dignity is what will guide us far from these situations and allow us not to stand there, motionless, at the mercy of suffering.

Mature is also letting go of those people who do not want to stay with us.

Learn to let go, and you will be happy

Those who cling to the past enslave their thoughts, their minds, their hearts and their souls. The past can not fade or change, let alone be forgotten.

We can not change people, or even force them to love us as we would like … Some aspects of our life, to be overcome, must above all be accepted.

To love is also to learn to let go, because it is almost always love that makes us suffer the most. Only when we accept that certain things must come to an end can we be free, and find new happiness.

You have to let go of what hurts you, even if it is difficult for you

To let go is to let happen, because when we come into the world, we do not know everything, and we do not have the manual that allows us to make the perfect decisions and never make mistakes.

To live is to try, to try, to start, to risk oneself, but also to err; this is why we must consider the following aspects:

  • Do not get angry, do not fill your heart with anger or your grudge. To let go is an art that must operate in peace, not in hatred. It is then that we can be free, and discover that day after day, suffering is fading.
  • To let go, the first thing you have to do is learn to accept; accept that each of your experiences was worthwhile because you have lived, because those who deny and forget do not assume, heal, or learn. We must accept what is happening and understand that letting go is also growing.

Someday everything will have meaning, today’s suffering, the chaos and uncertainty of letting go of all these things that once defined you, will lead you tomorrow to this door to much better things, because do not forget … everything happens for a reason.

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