You may not know it, but your month of birth says a lot about your character and personality! Discover it here …

month of birth says a lot ? Did you know ? The month of birth can determine with more or less precision the character traits as well as the personality of an individual. This is in any case what reveals a very serious Hungarian study, in which more than 400 people were analyzed according to their date of birth. And the specialists are formal: as disturbing as it may seem, there would indeed be a link between our month of birth and our personality! Want to know what your month reveals about you? Discover it immediately:

month of birth says a lot

1.month of birth says a lot : January 
If you are a native of January, there is a good chance you will have easy criticism. Not only to others but also to yourself. In addition, your assertiveness and your ability to work hard allow you to have ambition. You are smart, organized, and know how to make happy your loved ones. Side feelings, you like the romance but have some difficulties to open your heart and express your emotions. You love children, are loyal but also quickly jealous / jealous. Which is also your main fault.

2. month of birth says a lot : February
You were born in February? So it’s not surprising if you have an often abstract way of thinking. This surely explains why, despite all your efforts, many are struggling to understand you. When you put restrictions, your rebel side is quick to show up. You have the determination to achieve your goals, but unfortunately, your hypersensitivity makes you very fragile. Basically, you are a big romantic, but you make sure you never show it for fear that some will benefit. Learn to trust and everything will get better and better.

3. month of birth says a lot : March
If March is your month, you are probably a person with a heart on your hand. The affection, the generosity and the sympathy which you show very frequently make you want to go towards you. By nature, you are a real nice guy. In your eyes, reaching out to those in distress is simply normal, you love to help and make yourself useful. Although loyal, you are also able to draw a line on a friendship overnight. Indeed, you can not stand treason and are not the type to forgive. In short, you are adorable, but do not let your feet slip on you.

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