You will not believe your eyes ! Apply this on your teeth and in 2 minutes they will be perfectly white!

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Who would not want to have a beautiful smile ?! It’s true that a smile is one of the first things a man or a woman looks for in the other. A beautiful smile is often synonymous with beautiful white teeth. Indeed, having white teeth reflects our personal hygiene, so if your teeth are yellow and dull, it may reflect a bad image of you.

It is important to remember that among the causes of yellowing of teeth, hygiene is of paramount importance. But not only coffee, tobacco and a bad diet, but also great factors.

We often see stars sporting beautiful white teeth ?! But how are they doing ?! You’ve probably guessed it, they go through the whitening of the teeth by a specialist. However, this method is very expensive and many people can not afford it.

In this article we propose to make at home a toothpaste that will allow you to restore radiance to your teeth and to whiten them without paying.

Here are the instructions to follow:

1-Begin by mixing in a bowl a little toothpaste with a teaspoon of baking soda as well as a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, and ½ teaspoon of water.
2-Brush your teeth normally
3-Leave on for 2 minutes then rinse your teeth
It will repeat the operation once a week, once you have obtained beautiful white teeth, you only need to repeat the process once a year.

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