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birthstone ? As you certainly know, each month of the year corresponds a precise gem or semi-precious stone. Are you impatient to discover yours? Esprit & Santé offers you to do this thanks to this article. What interest ? Curiously, your birthstone delivers many details about your nature and temperament.

A bit like an astrological sign, your stone gives indications on your daily behavior. Of course, you do not look like two drops of water to everyone who was born the same month as you, but you still have traits in common.

Skeptics? The rest of this article will give you a better opinion on the subject.


January: Garnet

This blood red stone is perfect for January natives. Romantic, dreamy, sensitive, passionate and loyal, people born this month love life and do not hesitate to enjoy their joys. They make friends easily and constantly seek great love. Garnet is also the emblematic stone of lovers. Something that fits perfectly with the temperament of people born in the first month of the year.

February: Amethyst

This stone is very popular for its extremely soft color. The native people of February are known for their wisdom, elegance, discretion and Cartesian spirit. This stone is therefore perfect for sensitive and assertive temperaments.

March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is known for its relaxing and healing properties. People born in March are imbued with these same benefits. Indeed, the natives of the 3rd month of the year usually make very good friends. They know how to keep the secrets and easily manage to evoke confidences. Of a very delicate nature, they are very well surrounded and know that they can count on their entourage.

April: Diamond

The natives of April are very perfectionists. This character trait can cool more than one person. As their birthstone indicates, the diamond is considered to be the most precious stone in the world. Once cut, the diamond reveals all its beauty and its brilliance and does not suffer from comparison with any other jewel.

birthstone : FROM MAY TO AUGUST

May: Emerald
It was Cleopatra’s favorite stone. The emerald symbolizes depth, wisdom, reason but also feminine beauty. The natives of the month of May take care of their physical appearance. Their spirited temperament makes them people with a changing mood. However, they take loyalty to heart and are always ready to help the people who are dear to them.

June: Moonstone

Modest, beautiful, sensual and pure, the natives of June are decidedly very surprising. Indeed, very sensual nature, they do not embark, however, in relations without tomorrow. They prefer to wait for the perfect man who will understand, cherish and care for them as they deserve.

Their sense of duty is overdeveloped. They do not take lightly the tasks that fall to them.

July: Ruby

Nobles, pacifists, brave, ardent and deeply sincere, the natives of the month of July are faithful to the properties of their birthstone and their astrological sign (Leo). Rubis is a precious stone that symbolizes commitment, love and fidelity. Values ​​observed in the people who wear them.

August: Peridot

Sparkling, spontaneous, naive and sensitive, the natives of the month of August marvelously carry this stone as mysterious as magnificent. People born during the 8th month of the year are known for their candor, their solar personality and their love of life and others. To avoid disappointments, consider choosing your friends carefully.


September: Sapphire
Elegant, classic, timeless and pure, sapphire is of great beauty. This stone usually attracts people looking for an immortal jewel. And it is precisely the impression that gives off the sapphire. Very chic, this stone grants to those who wear it an innate grace and a queen’s port.

October: Opal or Tourmaline

Creative, innocent and very emotional, the natives of October are very anxious by nature. They need reassurance and guidance. Their very gentle and fragile personality attracts attention and people are generally very protective of them.

November: Citrine or Topaz

Happy, positive, friendly and playful, people born in November are always laughing and do not take themselves seriously at all. They always have the word to amuse those around them. Much like their birthstone, they are sparkling, warm and surround those they love with a comradely atmosphere.

December: Turquoise

Optimistic, loyal, warm and deeply empathic, the natives of December like to take care of their loved ones. Their radiant personality makes them excellent confidants. They instinctively know what words to say to comfort and encourage people who ask them for advice.

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