Your month of birth says a lot about your temperament!

How can your month of birth says a lot ? The month you were born as your star sign or your favorite color tells you a lot about yourself and your daily behavior.

Astrologers are, moreover, the first to confirm this theory. On Esprit & Santé, we do not believe it hard but we always have fun reading and sharing these decryptions of the personality with people who are fond of it. Come, without further ado, discover what your birth month reveals about your character. As incredible as it may seem, the month of May hits the bull’s eye!

month of birth says a lot

month of birth says a lot : JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL

month of birth says a lot : January: Natural leaders, the natives of January have the language well hanged and do not hesitate to use it to make good order. They are known for their great intelligence, insight and honesty.
month of birth says a lot : February: Very creative, you like to push your limits and discover new horizons. You do not indulge in your routine and always look for a way to put your imagination to the test. Laughing, funny and good living, you are quality friends and are very appreciated in your surroundings.

month of birth says a lot : March: You do not like to put yourself forward. In everyday life, you cultivate your routine and you make your way without making noise. It is your calm, serenity, modesty and wisdom that draws people to you.

month of birth says a lot : April: Passionate, courageous, sincere and very willing, you live your life with passion. You do not settle for half measures. You love life and it makes you feel good. Love is a big part of your life because you need to take care of others and be cherished in your turn.

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